Vince Vaughn MADNESS, Debate Preview, And Opening Up Apple Phones…

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If you look at or talk to or acknowledge the president now, you’re apparently supposed to be CANCELLED in life.  This is how liberals with TDS think, y’all.  And it’s absolute madness.  It’s as if their brains have been rotted with hate.

Pray for them.  And not the Nancy-Pelosi kind of prayer, where you do it and then go to an abortion rally afterwards.  The real kind.  You know.

Also, tonight’s the 5,467th Democrat debate, it starts at NINE O’CLOCK eastern time (and goes until 11 pm), which is just mean, because 9 pm is my bedtime.  Thanks a lot, CNN.

We also discuss the demands AG Barr is placing on Apple to open up the phone of the Pensacola gunman – who is a terrorist.  Your mileage may vary on this – as it does for a lot of conservatives.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, y’all!