Mother Doesn’t Want To Cut Son’s “Instagram Famous” Long Hair, So, Alternatively, She Wants To “List Him As Non-Binary”

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That was the best she could come up with?

The Daily Wire reported:

An 8-year-old boy’s hair has become the center of a new “discrimination” debate swirling around the U.K. that has even prompted the boy’s mother [bonnie] to float the idea of listing him as “non-binary” in order to keep the flowing locks that helped him rise to fame on Instagram.

Clearly the best alternative to tending to his mental health is to… make it worse.

So now, in the midst of an intolerant secondary school giving them flack about HAIR, now the poor kiddo would have to maintain a non-binary charade for as long as he attends.

Yup, I don’t sense any consequences there.

The mother started an Instagram page for her son when he was merely the age of two, and, as The Daily Wire stated:

The mother of the young male model — who has over 260,000 Instagram followers and has been flown all over the world in large part because of his unusually long, landing modeling gigs with the likes of Guess— is heading up a movement to force some secondary schools in England to change their grooming codes.

Meanwhile, Bonnie has started a petition aimed at ending the “discriminatory” and “outdated” policies. “I thought ‘I have to do something about this, children’s mental health is more important,’” she explained.

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Along with allowing boys to better “express themselves,” the rule change, Bonnie believes, “will also allow transgender people to be more comfortable,” the Daily Mail reports.

…Yes, but the person being the influencer has to actually live that influence themselves…

That’s like an atheist being a pastor of a Christian church.

This poor kid’s identity is primarily centered on his hairstyle because HIS MOTHER made it so.