BREAKING: Iran Shot TWO Missiles At The Ukrainian Plane

Mary R

A very brave Iranian captured the moment Iran sent not one but TWO missiles that shot down the Ukrainian plane that killed 176 people. The Iranian people have been protesting the regime in the streets since the government was forced to admit that they shot it down. Initially, the regime tried to claim that the plane caught fire by unknown causes. After multiple countries reported that their defense systems picked up at least one missile signature, the country was forced to accept the blame.

Here is the video from Khabar Online, which is an Iranian News Agency:

There is no way to verify if the reporting is currently correct. Still, reports are coming out of Iran through the civilian Twitter accounts that the Iranian government has taken the man crediting for shooting this video. He is said to have been taken shortly after the video went live online.

Twitter translation: “Following the release of the images of the missile #هواپیمای_اوکراینی In cyberspace, Tehran’s Sarallah camp tried to identify and dispose of the film’s publisher in order to investigate the causes and factors involved in the incident. The results of the surveys will be subsequently made available to the Honorable People of Iran / Tasnim”

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This is an Iranian News Agency that is claiming the only reason the government wants to find the video’s publisher is to “to investigate the causes and factors involved in the incident.”

The most interesting information I found in this thread (AGAIN I CAN NOT VERIFY THE INFORMATION) is the multiple accounts stating the soldier responsible for shooting down the plane has since been killed. The reason the civilians are offering is that he was the one that broke the silence and admitted that Iran shot down that plane.

Twitter translation: “That’s right: the person who fired the rocket #سپاه_تروریستی_پاسداران to the #هواپیمای_مسافربری_اوکراینی He had been shot in Rabat Karim for revealing the truth and enlightenment. #IranPortests#IranPlaneCrash

My question is, how did someone know to be there and record at that moment. Now, it is completely feasible that after the rocket attacks in Iraq that recording in general of the sky in Iran and Iraq increased. I believe that Iran thought that they could shoot this airliner down and try to blame it on the US, thinking that we would escalate and leave us holding the bag.

We need to support the people of Iran; this is scary and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

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