Transgender Men Feel ‘Unsafe’ And Marginalized Since Men’s Bathrooms Aren’t Equipped With Feminine Hygiene Products

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Only women can menstruate. Period.

See what I did there ^ ? *Cue the unflattering chuckles*

The Daily Wire reported:

Female-to-male transgender individuals who still menstruate are now saying that feminine hygiene products, which are typically marketed at biological women, should be gender-neutral (and free) so that they are not further oppressed, harmed, or triggered by gender-specific packaging and the cost of period products during their “time of the month.”


More from The Daily Wire:

“Some transgender and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate,” the story continues, taking care not to refer to the individuals as biologically female, though that is what they are, “say when the products are categorized as women’s products, they can feel alienated — and may even avoid purchasing them altogether.”

‘Avoid purchasing them altogether’… UHM. Ok. Have fun bleeding all over the floor like a snail dragging it’s goop everywhere.

Feeling alienated because bathrooms don’t have your preferred blood sticks?

Do what the rest of us do and BRING YOUR OWN.

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I have NEVER trusted the quarter-bought tampons in the bathrooms.

My flow deserves better.

But apparently they believe they’re being marginalized…

You want to be a man… and be treated like a man… involving your period…