Can We Talk About The Weirdos On Instagram For A Second?

You guys – WHAT IS GOING ON with Instagram and all of these weirdo dude accounts constantly starting up direct messages?  It’s been bad forever, but lately it’s out of control.  It’s like the corporation who hires these losers to target women and try to start relationships with them in order to get money (I’m guessing as to the motive here, since I don’t actually engage with them) have gone on some sort of hiring frenzy and are working with a new budget or something.

I tweeted about this the other day.  On Instagram, I’m happy to follow folks back, because right or wrong, I’ve always thought that was appropriate IG etiquette.  If that means I end up following someone who posts a bunch of crap I think is horrible, I’ll unfollow.  But as a rule, I am a follower-backer.

Anyway, here’s what I tweeted.

Let me demonstrate why I was driven to tweet that.  Here’s one example (screenshots from my DMs.)

So as you can see, I went ahead and just screenshot my tweet and sent it to this guy.  And you know what his response was?  THIS:


I can’t wait to see how many more times he asks how I’m doing.

Then there was this guy:

I’m a big fool for ignoring a total stranger pestering me in my DMs.  Ok.

This one’s my favorite, just for the desperation of it:

Should I just send him that tweet again just to see what happens?

Anyway, this happens Every. Single. Day.  Usually multiple times per day.  And I am baffled by who this WORKS on.  This is like the DM equivalent of catcalling, which ALSO doesn’t work.

Do dudes not understand this?  Or am I just naive in thinking that normal women don’t fall for this crap?

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