Gotta See It: Megyn Kelly And Others Portrayed In The Movie ‘Bombshell’ React To The Film.

I know, I know.  It’s a half hour.  But start watching? And you won’t stop.  Trust me on this.

Daisy and I have talked a LOT about the negative side of the #MeToo movement, but there is no question that there have been and continue to be despicable men in positions of power who’ve abused that power in unspeakable ways, and they deserve to be held accountable.

It’s fascinating to hear these women talk about the GOOD side of Roger Ailes – his generosity, his mentorship, etc., even after he hit on them. It’s interesting too, that their opinions about the outcome – Ailes stepping down with a $40 million payout – are not the same.

And I’m especially glad that Megyn pointed out towards the end that she doesn’t #believeallwomen.  She’s level-headed about the positive and negative aspects of the #MeToo movement.

The women in this panel share what’s truthful and accurate about the film, and what isn’t – and it sounds like there’s a lot more that’s accurate than not.

I wanna see it.  You?


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