BREAKING: The Articles Will Be Sent To The Senate Next Week

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is FINALLY sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate.

Nancy has been under pressure from Republicans to send over the Impeachment Articles as soon as they were voted on. She held off for as long as she could.

The problem she didn’t see happening was the fact that Democrats would start leaving her side like rats from a burning building.

According to the article, Nancy says, “It cracks me up to see on TV, ‘Oh, the pressure. Where’s the pressure? I have news for them. You don’t have a story.”

Nancy, you have defectors on National TV telling and the American people that it is time to send the articles over.

If that isn’t “pressure,” I don’t know what is! Democrats claimed that they just wanted to control the trial to make sure it is “fair.”

Nadler now has to appoint the House Managers for their part of the trial.

I am so curious as to who they choose. I hope one of them is failed Presidential candidate Rep. Swalwell.

I love it when he looks like the idiot that he is on live television. The reality is that someone from the “squad” will be on it, probably Rep. Sheila Jackson from Texas.

Also, we should be looking out for Adam Schiff’s to be one too.


We are getting the articles, she has no choice on how the trial will go, and Donald Trump will still be the President of the United States.

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