BREAKING: Marianne Williamson Ends Campaign

In not so shocking news, Marianne Williamson announced today that she is suspending her campaign.  Williamson laid off all of her campaign staff last week.

Sadly, the stars did not align for her this time around.

In her statement, Marianne said,

With caucuses and primaries now about to begin, however, we will not be able to garner enough votes in the election to elevate our conversation any more than it is now. The primaries might be tightly contested among the top contenders, and I don’t want to get in the way of a progressive candidate winning any of them.

As of today, therefore, I’m suspending my campaign.

I do not think Williamson’s campaign was at any risk of getting in the way of any other candidate winning anything.

She also pledged,

To the remaining Democratic candidates, I wish you all my best on the road ahead. It was an honor being among you. Whichever one of you wins the nomination, I will be there with all my energy and in full support.

The remaining candidates are holding their breathe, I’m sure, awaiting Marianne’s endorsement and release of her ten supporters.  My prediction is she is feeling the Bern.

The crystal woo woo lady remained positive to the end.



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