BREAKING: Iranian National With Multiple Weapons Arrested Near Trump Property

I have no words for this other than this. #NEVERFORGET

Sadly, thanks to people like Ilhan Omar and Barack Hussein Obama, and their inclusive PC politicking, it is clear that too many Americans have #IndeedForgotten.

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An Iranian national armed with knives has been detained by police in Palm Beach, Florida, Daily Mail reported.
Police bomb squads searched his car at the nearby airport. The man was taken into custody on Flagler Memorial Bridge on Friday, the report added.
The man had in his possession $22,000 in U.S. currency, a machete and a pick ax, in addition to the knives.

Excuse me? $22,000?? From what source(s)?? Please do tell.

Local police are cooperating with federal authorities in an open investigation. Police haven’t released details on how they initially came in contact with the man.
This incident comes just days after Democratic Rep Ilhan Omar parroted an Iranian official’s insinuation that Iran may attack Trump properties.

Enemy From Within? But don’t you dare accuse her of inciting violence.

If I were a Democrat (or Socialist) or a RINO who has supported Omar and/or her “Squad” in any way, I’d be ashamed and embarrassed; as Greta would say, HOW DARE YOU!! How Omar has not yet been removed from office, is beyond my comprehension.

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