Australian Actress Gives Up Green Card To Fight Climate Change

It’s nice to see someone from Hollywood actually practice what they preach for a change.

Australian actress Yael Stone is giving up her U.S. green card in response to Australia’s recent wildfires, as well as her general concern over climate change.

She’s returning to Australia permanently to reduce her own carbon emissions.

Stone tweeted a video of herself last weekend with the caption “Not environmentally ethical to build a life across two continents. Time to make a sacrifice.”

“I’m giving up my green card.  After a long, considered process, we’ve come to understand it’s unethical for us to set up a life in two countries knowing what we know,” the actress said in the video.

Stone continued: “The carbon emissions alone from that flying, it’s unethical, it’s not right.”

Stone is right: if you truly believe that climate change is the biggest existential threat of this generation, if you truly believe the world is about to end because of human activity and its effect on the planet, it is absolutely unethical to continue to live in a way that significantly contributes to this crisis.

“I’m going to be here in Australia, doing the work I can to make a difference here, because the time is now.  Like I said, this is war, and we’ve only got 10 years. So let’s make these sacrifices. Let’s make these changes.  Let’s put some skin in the game and say, ‘Yeah, I care.’”

Good for her.  She’s living by her beliefs, and I applaud her for that.

To be fair, Yael Stone is best known for her role in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, which ran from 2013 until July 2019.

According to her IMDB page, Stone hasn’t done much since Orangeended.  And she can still act in Australia, so I’m not sure how much she’s actually giving up, career-wise.

Still, it’s nice to see someone from Hollywood live her values.  So many celebrities crow about climate change but continue to live extravagant lifestyles with monumental carbon footprints. (I’m look at you, Leonardo DiCaprio.)

What do you think?

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