We’ll Never Be Royals, Plus Ilhan And Her Squad Are Seahags Of Epic Proportions, And More Thursday Haps

We have some stuff to say about the Royals today, y’all.  I know that feminists are praising Meghan’s super-duper, like totally awesome empowered Mexit – what with her ability to manipulate and cut off her husband’s balls (emasculating men is SOOOOO cool now!) – but the whole “wanting to be financially independent” while sucking off your rich Royal Daddy is a bunch of royal crap.  Those of us with Actual Firing Synapses know it.  Meghan is the Yoko Ono of the Royal Family.  For real.

As for the Squad?  They are disrespectful, America-hating garbage humans.  If you think that’s too harsh of me, then you obviously haven’t watched Ilhan and her friends giggle and yuk it up while their other buddy Sheila Jackson-Lee was discussing casualties in Iraq yesterday.  If you watch that display and STILL think I’m being too harsh, then you’re probably reading the wrong site right now.  You may want to scoot on over to Slate or something where they’ll pacify your sensitive sensibilities and proceed to tell you that Soleimani was a poet and scholar rather than a raging, murdering terrorist.

Also, other Thursday haps! One more day to the weekend, y’all!



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