Truth From An Iranian

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This is a must see.

President Trump is expected to speak sometime this morning, and we’ll find out how he plans to respond to last night’s missile attacks from Iran, which have resulted in apparently no casualties to American forces.

In the meantime, he has tweeted this:

If I had to guess, I’d say Trump will not escalate this further (for now).  If there had been loss of American life, I think he’d be all over it, but given that this was a relatively weak response from Iran, my sense is that he’ll step back and move forward diplomatically.

Then again, what do I know?

Also overnight, a plane from Iran heading to Ukraine crashed, killing everyone on board (167 passengers and nine crew members), and Iran is refusing to hand over the black box to international authorities, which of course is highly sketch.  Plus, there were apparently several earthquakes in Iran.

There’s kind of a lot going on there.

The MSM has been absolutely disgusting in its coverage of this entire Iran story.  Here’s just one of a jillion examples.

Here’s Ben Shapiro’s take on what should happen next.