“Co-Parenting Sites Skip Love And Marriage” – And Are Yet Another Example Of Culture Rot.

Throughout our 11-year Chick journey, I’ve seen some definite culture rot in society.  People will try to tell me that the rot is merely evolution…or progression.  After all, a lot of young people today roll their eyes at such traditional things like God and marriage and the nuclear family.  Mock and I did a podcast on marriage a while back, and it’s a true story that millennials are getting married later these days – or just not at all.  I mean – why bother committing and doing all that family crap, when you have sites like PollenTree.com and Modamily that will match you with a “would-be parent who want(s) to share custody of a child without any romantic expectation?”  

Like that WSJ article up there so eloquently explains, these co-parenting sites are “a lot like a divorce, without the wedding or the arguments.”  Basically, you want to have a kid, but don’t have a significant other?  You just find some random stranger on the Internet to co-parent a kid with you.  No strings attached.  Except the whole kid thing.

Yeaaaaaah….as a kid of divorced parents myself, I’m sure that if my folks would’ve bypassed their courtship and wedding and every argument they ever had and every shred of emotional connection whatsoever and just conceived me out of a freakin’ online Pollen Tree, I could’ve saved a crap-ton of money on my own therapy in my early 30s.  Having emotionally-disconnected, alien-like pod-parents would’ve solved all of my problems, for sure.

/endsarcasm (for right now, at least)

The article continues:

It’s a controversial approach to creating a family and there are people who balk at it, but the idealized version of a man and woman falling in love is shortsighted,” said Ms. Andersen, now 38—and pregnant.

It’s like, totally shortsighted, y’all – that craaaazy idea of a man and woman falling in love and actually taking the time to raise a human child together.  As a married couple and an ACTUAL family unit.  How very traditional of them.  And time-consuming, even.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

“When you meet someone on Match.com or Tinder, you can date someone for six months before you know whether the relationship is going anywhere. That’s fine when you’re younger, but when you’re in your mid-30s, you can’t wait for months to find out that person isn’t ready to have kids,” said Modamily founder Ivan Fatovic.

Lord forbid you have to wait six whole MONTHS – this is 2020, people.  We order sh*t on Amazon, and it’s here SAME DAY.  I want my Baby Daddy Prime-delivered, dontchaknow.  And listen, millennials had to establish their careers, and they had to get their giant houses with their Restoration Hardware furniture and they had to get their matching luxury cars, and now that they have all those things at age 35, they can’t wait ONE MORE MONTH to bring that human into the world because timeline!  Plus, they have followers on social.  Gotta do it for the ‘Gram.


And while about 60% of these sites’ clientele is women, men are getting in on it, too:

The male clientele is evenly split between single gay men and heterosexual men, both seeking to be co-parents with women. There are also same-sex couples looking to have a mother or father figure in their child’s life.

My favorite part of selfish people swiping to find other selfish people to raise kids with?  The complete lack of background checks.  That’s right.  No one seems to care on these sites about criminal backgrounds and whatnot.  And I’m sure there won’t be any issues there at all.

/end more sarcasm once again because I just can’t with these people

And then there’s the “stress and pressure that marriage creates”?  Or something?  At least that’s what Women’s Day is telling us now:

Modamily claims its environment “removes the stress and pressures associated with feeling” that marriage needs to precede having kids.

Right.  Because raising kids is stress and pressure free. Good luck with that, single Mom with a pod-Dad-with-no-emotional-connection-to-your-child!

/end I’m-pretty-sure-I’m-almost-done-with-my-sarcasm

PollenTree.com has about 90,000+ members.  There are people actually having babies with people they don’t have any actual commitment to, because 2020, everyone.  Traditional families aren’t celebrated anymore.  Neither is marriage, frankly.  So this, as the WSJ article proclaims, “is a natural progression.”

That natural progression?  Culture rot.  We already have a generation of troubled kids.  So, it’ll be interesting to see what the next generation is going to look like.  After all, so many of their parents aren’t even bothering to TRY.

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