Nancy Pelosi Caught LYING About Whipping The Votes

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When asked if the House Democrats had whipped the votes on Impeachment, Nancy said, “We are not whipping this legislation, nor do we ever whip something like this. People have to come to their own conclusions.”


Life is just terrible for Nefarious Nancy because she just keeps getting caught in these lies. Let us all take a moment of silence for Nancy. She needs it.

One of the rising stars for the Republicans during the Impeachment Sham was Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida.

He did a great job showing the total annoyance and exhaustion that the American people felt as we were being put through this partisan witch hunt.

He called the Dems out and held them accountable as best he could.

Rep. Gaetz, along with Rep. Andy Biggs from Arizona, said on Hannity that they both heard “active threats on the House floor” if Democrats didn’t vote for Impeachment.

According to the Daily Caller, when Jarrett asks Biggs whether or not the Democrats are mad about the forced impeachment vote, Biggs had this to say: “I think some of them are. Some of them, I’ve talked to them quietly aside. They want this to go away. They wish it had never happened, but you know what, Nancy Pelosi has raised money for them, but the reality is many wish this thing would go away. But it’s not going to go away. It is actually going to blow up, even more, I’m afraid.”

No money if they didn’t line up and vote. Using money as a political weapon…

Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, that’s what they are claiming Trump is guilty of doing.

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Do they even realize what lying, corrupt, and idiotic people they look like to the rest of the country?

I realize their rabid base supports them, but how are they going to win the White House if they keep getting caught?

They accuse Trump of all the things they are caught doing, and they never get in trouble for it. In fact, they are constantly getting re-elected.

My question to the voters is this: What are YOU going to do about it?

We HAVE to vote these people out! March 2020, get your candidate on the ballet so that in November 2020, we vote these idiots out of office.