Sen. Josh Hawley to Introduce Legislation Dismissing Impeachment

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On a Twitter thread today, Senator Josh Hawley announced that he would be introducing a measure in the Senate that would dismiss the articles of impeachment “for lack of prosecution.”

Not that I think this will do the trick, but here is hoping that maybe this forces Nancy Pelosi to send the articles to the Senate.

Since the House approved the articles in the middle of December, the Senate has yet to receive them. The postponement is for the benefit of the Democrats only.

We don’t want these articles, and in fact, the Senate will end up dismissing them pretty quickly.

The reality is that if the Democrats don’t send the articles, then their dream is still alive. They don’t hold any power in the Senate.

My hope for November 2020 is that they hold no power in both the House or the Senate. We need to stop this from happening again.

Not only should impeachment be passed by a majority, but we should insist that both parties show a majority. We can’t have an impeachment this partisan.

Our democracy relies on heavily on the sanctity of our elections, and this impeachment of Trump should be considered treason.

We need our friends from across the aisle to set aside their hatred for Trump and stop this from happening again.

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I know it is wishful thinking, but it is a new year. With a new year comes new possibilities!