BREAKING: Castro Drops Out Of The 2020 Democratic Presidential Race

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Julian Castro is out, and NO ONE CARES.

I forgot the guy was even still running for President. Yikes.

Castro was the former HUD (Housing and Urban Development Secretary), and the Mayor of San Antonio in my home state of Texas.

He announced via twitter this morning:

More people are talking about him dropping out of the race than people interested in his entire presidential run.

It sucks to suck, but at least it’s one less liberal democrat that I have to stomach watching on TV.

We might as well start referring to him at Wholian. *wink* *wink*

There are threads on twitter hoping that he will come back as Warren’s running-mate if she ends up with the presidential bid.

I think she has a better shot than Bernie does, but let us not kid ourselves. Joe Biden will be on the ticket.

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The left loves crazy and Joe… well Joe is all the crazy.