Joe Biden Just Caught In A Complete And Total Lie About Trump

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How many times has this lie been repeated?

Trump DID NOT say that the KKK, white supremacists, etc. were “very fine people”.  It’s really simple.  He was not referring to them!

Breitbart reports,

It is that press conference that Biden, and many in the mainstream media, have quoted selectively to make it appear that the president was calling neo-Nazis and white supremacists “very fine people.” Trump was clearly referring to the non-violent protesters on both sides of the issue of the removal of a Confederate statue, which even CNN noted at the time (though later perpetuating the “very fine people” hoax itself). Yet Biden has persistently misquoted him.

WATCH. Sickening.

It is so low of Joe Biden to stoke racial divides in this country and twist Trump’s words and take them out of context in order to advance his political chances.  Par for the course I know, but sickening nonetheless.

This is so upsetting because, by and large, the mainstream media has gone along with this false narrative.

Fake News! But, sadly, when your average watcher only catches the NBC news at night and hears this lied repeated again and again, they believe it.