JUST IN: U.N. to Keep Syrian War Inquiry Findings Private?

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UPDATE: An earlier version of this post wasn’t clear that the UN MAY release its inquiry findings, and instead suggested that the findings would be kept private definitively.  We have modified the post to reflect that it remains a question. ~Mockarena

Military action in the northwestern area of Syria is supposed to be illegal according to international law.

This area is the location for hospitals and schools that serve tens of thousands of people, and despite it being illegal, the war wages on.

The attacks are happening so often that the do-nothing U.N. was forced to launch an inquiry to find out who is at fault.

Hey, y’all, you’ll never guess who it is:

Russian-backed Syrian Military

According to the NY Times:

“The Times obtained the list of attacks under examination from four officials briefed on the inquiry and investigated those incidents in an attempt to determine culpability. Our reporting suggests that the Syrian military was most likely responsible for at least four of the attacks, the Russian Air Force for one and rebel groups for one or two.”

The U.N. council is feeling pressure to keep these findings private. “Diplomats say Russia has been pressing the global organization’s leader, Secretary-General António Guterres, not to release the conclusions of even this narrow inquiry.”

Russia is helping Syria murder its people, and the U.N. has proof and is too cowardly to stand up and take real action against them.

They haven’t even publicly shared the findings. Russia says, “jump” and the U.N. says, “how high.”