Federal Workers Get Paid Parental Leave

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! New Year, new perks.

The United States Congress hid a little gem for federal workers in a defense budget.

Starting in October of this year, all federal workers will get 12 weeks of paid leave with the birth of a new baby. This will cost 8.1 Billion over ten years.

Forbes reports,

In the bizarre way that the United States government works, the Senate passed a bill on Tuesday, tucked into the budget of the National Defense Authorization Act (authorizing a new Space Force branch of the Armed Services), providing all federal workers with 12 weeks of paid parental leave for the first time in American history.

Don’t you love the way congress sneaks goodies into bills that have NOTHING to do with the bill?! Add this to the long list of reasons people don’t trust their government.

Also, since most TAXPAYERS do not get this type of paid leave, why should all those being paid by said taxpayers get this perk?

Honestly, I am torn on whether or not the government should mandate this for all employers.

On the one hand, I think it is good for babies to be with their parents during the first three months of life.

Ultimately, however, we live a free, capitalistic society (for now). Freedom means it should be up to each business whether or not to offer this as a paid benefit.

Most people can already take 12 weeks unpaid through the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
If an employer wants to offer paid leave as a perk to attract and retain high quality employees, that should be their choice.

And what about personal responsibility? Perhaps people should plan and save for their own time off rather than asking others to pay for it.

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