Democrat Representative Blames Trump for Iran Conflict

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

We used to live in a country where we could put politics aside and root for America first.

We are getting attacked, and the Democrats can’t even get it together for 24hrs to care.

It’s severe Trump Derangement Syndrome that makes it impossible for them to act like human beings.

Rep Connolly from VA went on CNN to show us the Dems’ new talking point.

He didn’t use this time to empower the country or show bipartisan support for our President’s ability to act quickly. No, that would too much for our little representative from Virginia.

According to Breibart, Connolly instead used his time to say,

“I would call upon the president to re-examine both his rhetoric and his policies with respect to Iran. Much of this friction and violence flows from his very fateful decision to renounce and walk away from our own agreement that was working, the Iran nuclear agreement. Thus severing any working relationship we possibly could have with Iran. And Iran now has very little to lose in the relationship. That puts it in a very dangerous position.”

Is this guy serious?

He would rather a president that does nothing. Wait to be fair, Obama didn’t do NOTHING.

He paid the Iranians 1 BILLION dollars to kill us.

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I think that Trump is coming up roses in this Non-Benghazi situation, and the Dems are sick over it.

Keep getting sick because this just makes him work harder for us, and we like a guy with a strong work ethic.

You can watch the interview here: