Living The Dream

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Hello everyone!  My name is Jennie and I am crazy excited to be writing for the Chicks On The Right!  I have been an avid listener of the Chicks for several years.  I resisted listening at first, but my husband mansplained to me how funny and witty they were and encouraged me repeatedly to listen to them, so I finally gave them a try.  The rest is history and now I am thrilled to be a part of their team and this community.

A little background about me.  I am an Illinois escapee and said good-bye to insanely high taxes and looney lefty policies about five years ago.  I have embraced becoming a Hoosier and could not be happier!  My husband and I are parents to three beautiful, young children.  I also have a stepson who is adulting and making his way in the world.  I am blessed beyond measure to stay at home with my kids.  We love playing board games, hanging at the pool all summer long, and playing Mario Kart as a family.  I am a chauffeur as well and spend a lot of time in my van carting my kids to football, soccer, piano, cross country, church, etc.  This gives me lots of time to listen to my favorite podcasts…like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Rush, The Chicks, and the Mock and Daisy Common Sense Cast.

My babies

My interest and passion for this country and politics goes way back.  I am a Rush Baby and I know I am dating myself here, but in junior high I would stay up late so I could watch the Rush Limbaugh TV show.  I attended a small university in Illinois where I majored in political science and led the College Republican club on campus.  I shudder to think how my experience as a conservative on campus would be different today with all the snowflakes with their safe spaces running the show.  Naturally, I ended up in a career that had nothing to do with my degree…. the insurance industry!

Are you a disillusioned Republican?  I sure am.  I now prefer to simply say that I am a conservative because too many republicans over the years have disappointed me with their lack of backbone and simply being Republicans In Name Only.  I am passionate about pro-life issues, education, and the culture war in general. The direction that leftists and the democrats are trying take this country is truly terrifying.  I write and follow this stuff, as frustrating and disheartening as it can often be, because I want to fight to make sure we leave our kids and grandkids the same America we grew up with.  They deserve a country where they can speak freely, bear arms, practice their religion, and have economic freedom to work hard and keep their own money!

Although I follow politics like a sport, I do have other interests!  I am a true-blue Cubs fan.   And BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS!  I always tell people 2016 was the BEST YEAR EVER.  First, my last baby was born.  Next, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series (I legit cried y’all).  And then the cherry on top, Trump wins the presidency!

I am pumped to start writing for the site and look forward to engaging with all the loyal readers of COTR!