President Trump And Melania Shortly After They Were Married – ADORABLE.

I love this interview that Melania and Donald Trump did with Larry King shortly after their wedding in 2005.  I hadn’t realized that they’d had such a lengthy engagement.

Remember back in the day when magazines were delighted to have her on the cover?  That was before Trump had an (R) next to this name.

I love so much that Melania is so sure of herself as her own person and that that was so important to her when she married what Larry King referred to as a “formidable figure.”

I’ve often said the same things about “work” in a relationship that Trump says about midway through – so I found that part particularly interesting.  And I loved that when King asked her what it was like to be able to afford anything she wanted, she said, “I’ve made a lot of money MYSELF” so she’s well aware of what money means.  YOU GO, GIRL.


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