Hunter Biden Is About To Become A Father Again.

Hunter’s gonna have to figure out how to land himself another Burisma gig at the rate he’s having kids. 

According to the sourcelink, and the photos AT the sourcelink, Hunter Biden’s new wife, the chick from South America who married Hunter after knowing him for like 27 minutes is pregnant. They’ve been married 7 months now.

Melissa Cohen Biden was seen in LA with a well-developed baby belly. Which means she was pregnant when it was confirmed that her new husband is the father of Lunden Roberts’ baby also, which of course Hunter had publicly denied until the DNA test results were revealed.

This will be baby number 5 for Hunter Biden.  He has three daughters from his marriage to Kathleen.  He does not have any children with his deceased brother’s widow, who he was with for two years while also simultaneously sleeping with Lunden.

So, basically we know he’s fertile. Is that the right word to use for men when they’ve got really effective swimmers?  I’m legit asking, because I don’t know.

Lunden’s lawyers are gonna get to question Hunter under oath about his finances soon, according to documents filed in Arkansas court – he claims he’s been unemployed since May, which will make it tough for him to afford child support for Lunden while also supporting his new immediate family.  I’m guessing $83,000 per month board positions are relatively hard to come by.

Anyway, congrats to Hunter, and grandpa Joe for this new addition to their quickly expanding family. 🙂

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