She’s So ‘Gutsy’ – You Guys, Is Hillary Going To Run Again?

Oh my gah, you guys, watch this.

Take your time; I need to hurl again really quick. I’ll be right back.

Who does she think she is? Is she trying to portray herself as Trump? You know, Trump, the man who pulls larger crowds than she could ever imagine, even if she had Beyoncé and Jay-Z there to help her. Trump, who proudly waves the American flag front and center. Trump, the President who really does pray to God and who really does have a staff surrounding him in prayer daily.

She is literally pretending to be like Trump in this video!

Did you see the American flag waving in that footage? The same flag she said it’s okay to kneel against in protest? The same flag to which she told an elementary student that it was okay to refuse to say the pledge of allegiance?

Did you see her closing her eyes, pretending to pray? AS IF she would pray to God to help her face the criticism she’s received from the millions of Deplorables who refused to vote for her?

Did you see how she highlights how it was “Chelsea, actually.” How it was Chelsea who pulled the GUTSIEST MOVE to hold their hands together — how it was Chelsea who kept Hilda and Bill together in their political union?

Give me another second; I have a frog in my throat again.  Okay, let me go ahead and contribute some ad copy for her potential campaign team:

“Vote for me folks, I’m the victim who’s risen and defeated my politically correct criminal past.  Vote for me now, because I’m suddenly going to be real.  I promise you, I’m born again and now I’m myself and I pretend to pray – despite how I tried my best to strip you from your religious freedoms while demanding you fund full-term abortions and infanticide. I’m ‘just what you see me as’ in this video. Vote for me, because at this point I’m the difference that it takes. Vote for me because I’m the woman in white who really wants to be your President.  I promise you that I will push things to the edge.  Vote for me so I can continue my plan to make America a socialist country.”

“What you see is what you get.” Yeah, well, the curtain of OZ has now been pulled back. We see you, Hillary.  We see how the same day you convince Hulu to release this 2020 campaign calling card, on the same day of the Horowitz hearing, and the same day you’re AGAIN pushing Steele to proclaim now that Boris Johnson is a Russian agent. It’s not Trump now, it’s  Johnson. How convenient. Who’s your puppet master Hillary?

“What you see is what you get.” Indeed. The most vilified woman in American history is the globalist Villain-In-Chief, herself.

Run, Hillary, Run. Recruit Greta to be your Vice. (President, that is. Vice President.)

Do it, Hillary; We Dare You.

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