Gossip And Mystery Swirling Around Rudy Giuliani’s 20-Year Old Communications Director.

So, I’m not saying it’s weird that Rudy’s Comms Director is a 20-year old chick that no one seems to know much about and who’s apparently told a lot of tall tales her life, but I’m not NOT saying it either.

According to the sourcelink, Rudy Giuliani’s main spokesperson is a young woman by the name of Christianné Allen who has not yet graduated college, and is seemingly not qualified to actually BE a spokesperson.  She’s an “Instagram personality” (and let’s be honest – who ISN’T at this point?) with nearly 20k followers and she started work as Giuliani’s “media strategist and technology consultant” back in September.  She is now responsible for fielding all inquiries he receives from reporters, and goes with him EVERYWHERE, including on his most recent trip to Ukraine.

According to a “friend of Giuliani’s,” – “Nobody can figure out who the eff she is or how she got in there.”


Politico reached out to Rudy before going to press and asked him for a copy of her resume, which prompted him to freak out and tweet last week:

He’s got Trump’s twitter skills DOWN, you guys.

He also told Politico that Allen has “already established a very strong and exceptional record as a very talented strategist, spokesperson, technology consultant and person of very mature judgment. She just finished a very grueling assignment in three different countries in four days. This assignment was accomplished flawlessly and is well beyond the abilities of your anonymous and otherwise unquestionably jealous sources.”

From Politico’s piece:

“For a 20-year-old college student to be the communications director to one of the country’s most talked-about men is quite something,” said Kelly Jane Torrance, a conservative journalist who met Allen while interviewing Giuliani.

Numerous people POLITICO spoke with, from her family to her friends to the people who’ve met her, praised Allen’s remarkable maturity and poise, a trait they said she exhibited in her early teenage years.

Even so, some of her friends privately wonder how she found herself in such a sensitive position. “I don’t think she had a client like Rudy before, let alone worked as a press secretary,” said one.

Allen was interviewed via email by Politico before they went to press, and explained that she got her position after “several rounds of interviews that included incredibly challenging questions and multiple phone calls with his staff,” and said that Rudy Giuliani himself said that she “had the necessary skills and leadership to fill the position.”

Let me pause just a moment to offer the sidenote that Giuliani’s current divorce proceedings from his third wife, are UGLAAAY.  They go to court in January, and the $42,000 monthly that Giuliani currently pays her is simply not enough, y’all.  So it’ll be interesting to see how that all plays out.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Back to Christianné Allen.  On her Twitter bio, her LinkedIn profile, and her own website, she describes herself as having ALL SORTS of experience and fancy titles. According to Politico, she was:

A representative of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, the official joint fundraising committee for the re-election campaign; and video columnist for the Daily Caller. Spokeswoman for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Executive director of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition.

Except that reps from those organizations are saying that these descriptions of her titles/work are “are embroidered at best, and completely untrue at the most.”

Double yikes.

Her background gets even sketchier still.

When she was just 16, Allen volunteered to help Trump’s campaign as an intern, and according to a former Trump VA campaign official, she “got the gig because she went around telling everybody that she was George Allen’s niece.”  (George Allen was former VA Governor and Senator, and he is not, in fact, related to her.) Allen dropped out of high school in order to work for the campaign, and enrolled in Liberty University Online to complete her diploma requirements.

Allen denies ever claiming relation to George Allen, telling Politico, “I never once implied or said I was George Allen’s niece. There were a few officials on the campaign who thought we were related based on our last name. I was asked one time in a public setting if I was related to him and I laughed and said no.”

At one point, Allen referred to herself on social media as an “official spokeswoman for the Trump campaign” (even though she was no such thing), and explained later that she referred to herself that way “because I spoke at a couple rallies.”

After Trump’s election, Allen took an internship at the law firm of Charles Gucciardo, who invested half a million bucks into a company started by the two dudes who allegedly went to Ukraine to investigate the whole Hunter Biden thing.  Unlike those two dudes, Gucciardo hasn’t been accused of anything sketch, and he told Politico that “Christianné is a phenomenal young lady with tremendous potential in her career.”

On social media, Allen posts a ton of pro-Trump/MAGA stuff – pics of her attending various Trump events, wearing MAGA hats, posing with guns, staying in fancy hotels, etc.  In May of this year, she became a Turning Point USA “ambassador” – a title which allowed her to meet some well-known folks/admin officials, but is a non-paid gig.

From Politico:

“That’s how she came across our radar,” Richie McGinnis, the chief video editor of The Daily Caller, said in an interview. “She just had a valuable perspective as a competent intelligent Gen Y female conservative, so she basically offered to do an opinion video.”

Allen ended up publishing two videos: one about socialism in the 2020 election, and the other about a college admissions controversy that was hot on the right, neither of which she was paid for.

In her Twitter bio, she labels herself as an official “Daily Caller Video Contributor,” or, as she was quoted in an OANN article published last month, a “Daily Caller columnist.”

McGinnis declined to comment on her current status as a contributor but said that “the word ‘columnist’ or ‘contributor’ in the cable news world is different than in digital media. We have hundreds of contributors who come in to provide their opinion on video in an unpaid capacity. Maybe Christianné will do a new video to set the record straight about this article.”

Via email, Allen explained that she met Rudy Giuliani through a woman she didn’t/wouldn’t  name. Her own father has no idea how the relationship began, and neither, apparently, does Rudy’s own circle of friends.

Triple yikes.

Anyway, by July of this year, Allen and Rudy were spending a whole lot of time together.  Video from the NY Post shows them hanging out on a boat, and sharing cake and ice cream.

When asked by Politico what her current duties are, she said simply, “The position I currently hold requires you to wear many hats. Each day is incredibly fluid and is never the same twice.”

Since late September, when Rudy’s name started getting thrown around the press in a negative way with references to him running a “shadow campaign” to get Marie Yovanovitch fired, Allen started defending Rudy on her social media accounts, even suggesting that members of Congress might be facing lawsuits as a result of their comments about Rudy.

Before Politico’s piece was published, but ostensibly after Giuliani had had a chance to see it, he wrote, “Your article is so filled with lies and misinterpretations, it stands out as a [sic] now an almost routine left wing hit piece on an exceptionally talented and really fine Christian Conservative woman and strong supporter of President Trump. I’m disappointed that Politico is now joining the [sic] destroy the reputation of those the Left believes should not be entitled to support President Trump.”

Anyway, I’m just telling y’all the gossip – it’s up to you to decide what to make of it. I’ll just say this:  I don’t think that Rudy is necessarily HELPING Trump at this point.  Perhaps I’ll change my mind on that, given that he appears to be teasing a WHOLE BUNCH of information that is expected to come out this week (he retweeted this):

I get some serious “Catch Me If You Can” vibes from Christianné Allen, but I also have no problem admitting I’m wrong about that if she’s on the up and up.


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