Dan Bongino Is Suing The Daily Beast For $15 Million Dollars.

Yup.  This is happening.  And you know what?  Good on him.

According to the sourcelink, conservative commentator and one of our faves – Dan Bongino – is SICK AND TIRED of the Daily Beast not owning their defamatory statement about Bongino’s decision to leave NRATV months ago. He has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Daily Beast for $15 million, claiming that the publication acted with “actual malice and reckless disregard for the truth.”

“I have been in an ongoing battle for a long time now with fake news media people that just report blatantly false things about me. It gets old, folks, really old. It’s been personally exhausting,” Bongino said Tuesday on his podcast.

“It’s not a crybaby snowflake thing, it’s my fight. We all have our own fights, but The Daily Beast, a while back, wrote a story about me,” Bongino explained. “They wrote a story about me that was patently false.”

Dan just launched his own version of the Drudge Report, which you should totally check out right here. 

So the backstory on the defamation thing is that a Daily Beast reporter by the name of Lachlan Markay wrote that Dan was “dropped” by NRATV, even though Dan CHOSE not to renew his contract.

“The author of the story texted me that he had heard from sources the opposite — the opposite was the true story — that I did not renew my contract,” Bongino said. “I was offered to stay, I was not dropped. I did not return by choice, I left… that story was false.”

“I gave them the opportunity multiple times, asked them on Twitter to correct it — they refused,” he added. “I gave them an opportunity via text recently to correct it. They refused. We are suing The Daily Beast for $15 million.”

Neither Markay nor anyone else from The Daily Beast is commenting about this as of right now, at least that I’ve been able to see from their social media accounts.

It’s not like Dan didn’t give the Daily Beast PLENTY of opportunity to retract their initial statement and apologize.  He’s been pleading with them for months to do just that.  But since they won’t?  HE IS GOING FULL BEAST MODE ON THEM, and rightly so.

You go, Dan.

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