Yes, The IG Report Is Out. But You Guys. Lizzo’s Outfit MUST BE DISCUSSED.

What in the holy hell is this.

Now, I’m seeing a bunch of commentary about this on social media, and there are suggestions that if you criticize Lizzo’s outfit, then you’re clearly fatshaming, which is a bunch of complete nonsense.  I would be as quick to criticize ANYONE wearing that getup, no matter the size.

Which brings me to the fact that people are all, “SHE IS A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO CAN WEAR WHATEVER SHE WANTS!”  Ok, fine.  And I’m a strong independent woman who can criticize whatever I want.  Next?

Listen.  I enjoy some of Lizzo’s music.  And of course she can wear whatever she wants.  But this was a BASKETBALL GAME, where kids were with their families.  Couldn’t she maybe have not gone full skank for a couple of hours? Save the assless outfit for your stage act where it’s at least EXPECTED.  But at a public event like this?  COME ON.

Anyway, I know there’s big stuff going on today what with the impeachment hearings continuing and the IG report coming out, but I’m still recovering from a weekend trip to Vegas and Lizzo is all I could bring myself to write about right now.

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