Elizabeth Warren Channels Rachel Dolezal in Questions About Native Ancestry

Among the thousands of questions I have about liberal logic, the question of why it’s okay that Elizabeth Warren lied about being Native American is easily in my top 5. I certainly haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer from Warren herself; every time she’s asked, she just tells us how white she is, like we didn’t already know.

Warren’s full reply:

I grew up in Oklahoma, and my three older brothers and I learned about our family [the] same way most people do – from our mom and from our dad. My family’s very important to me, and that’s why many years ago I sometimes identified as Native American.

Boston Globe did a big investigation about this, gosh, what about a year and a half ago, never had anything to do with any job I ever got or any benefit.

But even so, I shouldn’t have done it. I am not a person of color; I am not a citizen of a tribe; and I have apologized for confusion I’ve caused on tribal citizenship, tribal sovereignty, and for any harm that I’ve caused.

As Daily Wire points out, there’s this weird little aspect of her programmed prepared response that suggests that she had to learn that she has no Native American ancestry. Oh, excuse me– 0.00098% Native American ancestry. She practically walked the Trail of Tears herself, y’all.

Listen, Liz, a quick look in the mirror on your way out the door should’ve confirmed to you that your family are damn liars– if, in fact, they actually did tell you you were Native American, which I’m not fully convinced of.

In this clip, one of the hosts calls her “the original Rachel Dolezal,” which I actually came up with on my own but now I’ve linked you to a video that also says so so now I seem unoriginal but I SWEAR. To be fair, though, it’s not hard to draw that connection. Rachel Dolezal “identifies” as black, despite all obvious evidence to the contrary. Change “Rachel Dolezal” to “Elizabeth Warren” and “black” to “Native American”? The statement still holds true.

And, like Rachel Dolezal, Warren’s lies about her race were insidious and constant:

Quick Q for progressives out there: Is it worse that she lied about being a minority, or that she identified said minority as “American Indian”?

As The Daily Wire previously reported, The Washington Post article notes that from 1986 to 1995, Warren listed herself as a “minority” in the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) directory. Additionally, from 1995 to 2004, Harvard Law School reportedly listed Warren as Native American on forms relating to affirmative action.

The Harvard Law School listing allegedly began well after Warren had been hired. Additionally, according to the outlet, Warren’s ethnicity listing at the University of Pennsylvania changed to “Native American” in December of 1989, two years after being hired. [Emphasis added.]

Yup. Elizabeth Warren and her ilk want to give out free money so that they can take it themselves under false pretenses. Someone, please explain to me why we’re willing to let actual fraud and cheating of minorities go but not a couple of crass, sexist remarks made in private. I’m not saying either is okay, but there’s a bit of a double standard here.

All that being said, I still kinda want to see Liz as the Democratic nominee. Why? Because Donald Trump will roast her like a suckling pig in the way that only he can. And I dearly love to laugh.

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