Starbucks Strikes Again! Drink Black Rifle Coffee, People!

An on-duty police officer in Oklahoma wanted to do something nice for the dispatchers working with him on Thanksgiving Day. So he stopped in at a local Starbucks and ordered five of their ultra-expensive coffees to go…and got insulted.

The manager who was working at the time claims she was not the employee who printed “pig” on the labels of all five drinks. She was fired anyway, and of course Starbucks officials apologized all over the place – even though we are all aware that the “progressive” company has been known to ask law enforcement officers to leave and doesn’t care a thing about insulting them.

Read Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O’Mara’s Facebook post, which has since been deleted, here.

O’Mara asked Starbucks to rehire the young woman, regardless.

“We start civility by forgiving minor indiscretions and using those moments to help people better themselves. It’s my belief that a young person’s mistake in judgment was made and she paid the price for that violation.”

Following this incident, veteran and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee, Evan Hafer, donated some of his company’s product to the Kiefer Police Department.

“The outward face of a lot of companies in today’s corporate environment is more about placating the progressive, politically correct, AOC/tech generation versus taking a stand for being not only pro-law enforcement but pro-America.”

This. So much this. You know what? I usually drink tea, but I’m switching to coffee just so I can support this awesome company.

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