Kamala Is Out, Rudolph Is Triggering Now, And Aquaman and Star-Lord Are Spatting.

Well, it’s official.  Kamala is out.  Apparently, Democrats don’t want a black woman to be president, so using THEIR logic, I suppose that means that they’re all a bunch of racist, sexist bigots.  Y’all be sure to tweet them to let them know that they are in need of some major therapy – start with all of those preachy celebrities, will ya?

Speaking of preachy celebrities, Aquaman is scolding Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) for having the AUDACITY to hold a single-use water bottle in an Instagram post, because first world problems.  And Aquaman wants to sell his OWN line of water.  You know.  There’s always an underlying reason for why people don’t talk to one another in person anymore.

Also, Rudolph is triggering now.  That’s right.  That claymation favorite that you loved as a kid?  Social justice warriors have directed their attention to it today, because it hurts their feel-bads, and they want someone to make it go away.  Or something.  Peak 2019.

Good Lord, we’re surrounded by pansies.


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