Fear Mongering, Pipe Dreams, and a God Complex: A Stop on Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Trail

I don’t know anyone who sincerely wants Elizabeth Warren to be the Democratic pick that’s not either completely divorced from reality or a huge fan of live comedy. Even Warren herself realizes she’s losing ground, but instead of trying to dial it back and appeal to moderates, she. . . well, just look.

In the clip, a child asks Warren if she will stop global warming. Elizabeth Warren responds, “Yes.” She continues:

“You know, Eleanor, that is a big commitment because we’re in real trouble. You know this, right? That climate change threatens every living thing on this planet. And for me, the scariest thing that happens now is that every time scientists go back and recalculate the data, put in more information, it’s worse than we thought.  The problem’s bigger; it’s moving faster and we have less time to respond.”

Let’s make a quick list of individuals who actually have both the authority and the power to singlehandedly end global warming:

  1. God Himself
  2. . . .

Even as a WORLD DICTATOR Elizabeth Warren could not stop global warming, and that’s NOT EVEN WHAT SHE’S RUNNING FOR. She knows that, right? Can someone please check and make sure she knows that?

She’d almost be frightening if she weren’t so Elizabeth Warren-y. Her tactics for election are to tell a kid that yes, she can save the world from imminent doom, and then go on to describe how terrible and scary the future is if they elect anyone but her as DOTUS.

That’s Dictator of the United States, because that seems to be the only position Elizabeth Warren is remotely interested in. That’s why her entire platform is based on executive orders and singular decrees. That’s why she’s hell-bent on destroying some of the fundamental institutions that have made America great. No, really:

(By the way, she’s still definitely a robot.)


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