Trump Campaign States That Bloomberg News Reporters ‘Will No Longer Be Credentialed For Coverage Of Trump Campaign’

Now, before anyone gets all Constitution-y… let’s keep a couple things in mind, irrespective of the freedom of the press, shall we?

Pretty sure there is a HUGE conflict of interest occurring within the whole Bloomberg literally owning a mega media conglomerate AND being a candidate shindig.

Also, Trump isn’t taking away his rights, but more so protecting his own.

“Trump campaign chairman Brad Parscale announced Monday that they will not be offering press credentials to any reporters of Bloomberg News seeking to cover the Trump campaign.”

You know what I find especially amusing? The fact that the Democrats are so crazed about impeaching Trump from every angle possible, yet here we have Bloomberg attempting to utilize his power to stay in power…

“For those woefully under-informed about the intersecting world of media and politics, Bloomberg News is the media organization of the billionaire former New York City Mayor and current presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg.”

“President Donald Trump also claims to be a billionaire, and before entering the world of politics, he was a New York-based media figure as host of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice — though he has no newsgathering operation that he directly oversees.”

What do you guys think about this?

Check out this video for more –

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