Sorry To Say, This Isn’t A Joke. Pete Buttigieg Stated That Illegal Aliens Are “Subsidizing Everybody Else”

Uhm. We’re gonna need a fact checker up in here.

So, basically, Buttigieg is so far in the trenches that he’ll just agree with whatever ridiculousness comes his way, in hopes of acceptance for the sake of votes.

The dude on the left bugs the hell out of me… literally suggesting that classifying someone as “illegal” must be synonymous with non-human and somehow also becomes non-Christian…  WUT.

The Christian Bible literally encourages secure borders. The only thing it tells us not to do is to treat foreigners like crap.

“Jesus acknowledged that nations need to be reached (Matt. 28:17-20), and Paul declared that God intends nations to have legitimate rulers (Rom. 13:1). Paul even used his status as a Roman citizen to protect himself from harm (Acts 22:25-26). And the Scriptural commands not to steal presuppose borders and the right to private property.”

Don’t worry, I handled a little bit of the fact checking for ya.

Anyhow, I’d gladly take the flu over ever having to witness this pandering.

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