George Conway Is Despicable, And Elizabeth Warren Is Lying AGAIN.

I think it’s time we do an intervention for Kellyanne, y’all.  It’s TIME.  George Conway is a despicable Wayne-Newton-impersonator-gone-wrong.  And he needs to GO.  Period. End of story.

Also, Elizabeth Warren is lying again.  This time about her kids going to public school, specifically her son, who went to a $40,000-a-year private school from 6th grade on.  Because listen – her baby is WAY too good for public school, dontchaknow.  And she can afford 40 grand a year for him, so why not?  But RICH PEOPLE BAD. (Just not HER…nothing to see here…she’s not rich or anything.  Aren’t y’all spending 40 grand a year on your 6th graders because you’re “middle class?”  Mmmm hmmm.)

But listen, public school is totally OK for YOUR kids.  Just not her precious baby boy, because he’s better than your kids.

Bless your heart, Lyin’ Liz.

Hope y’all are having a fabulous Tuesday!

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