Elizabeth Warren Lied About Her Kids Going To Public Schools. New Evidence (Yearbook Photos!) Surfaces.

Recently, video emerged of Elizabeth Warren being confronted by a woman who was pro-school choice:

So, you heard right at the beginning that the woman, Sarah Carpenter, the executive director of Memphis Lift, a volunteer school-choice organization, told Warren, “I read your kids went to private school,” to which Warren responded, “My kids went to public schools.” Then, Sarah says, “We want the same choice for our kids that you had for your kids…. I can’t pack up and say, ‘I’m leaving Hyde Park and going to Germantown,’—that’s our suburban area—because I can’t afford it, my daughter can’t afford it.”

Now, to be fair, Warren’s DAUGHTER did go to public schools.  But her son?  Her son was in a super ritzy exclusive PRIVATE school from 6th grade through high school graduation. 

And did I mention that tuition for that private school is about FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR?

So yeah.  She lied.  If you’re confronted with a direct question about your KIDS going to private school, and your answer is to say THEY went to public schools, when one of them went to an elite private school, that’s a big fat lie.

The sourcelink refers to it as a “half-truth” which is far too kind, in my view.  The Haverford School in Philly is an all-boys prep school, and Alex Warren, Fauxcahontas’ son, attended there from 1988 to 1994.  He spent his junior year in Boston in 1992, which Warren described in her book as him “reinventing himself at a new high school.”

Her campaign isn’t commenting on the recently discovered yearbook photos of Alex at Haverford. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

So much for Warren’s publicly stated desire to help the middle class and lower income families.  Why deny their kids a choice of schools?

Now, lest you think that Warren herself was faced with either sending her kid to a 40k per year private school or a super crappy public school, the sourcelink assures us, “The public school Warren decided against sending her son to was far from failing. Property records indicate Alex Warren would have attended Lower Merion High School, a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence cited by the Wall Street Journal as “one of the top 50 schools—public or private in the United States.” 


This is the same Democrat presidential candidate who said, in a campaign email, “Every opportunity I’ve had—including running for president—started with a good education from a public school.”

But like so many other Democrats, she doesn’t walk her talk.

Can’t wait to hear how she responds to this on the next debate stage.  If Tulsi makes it, she’ll probably take her to task on it.  The rest of the candidates don’t have the guts.

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