Suzannah Weiss – Feminist, Psychonautics Sex Writer, Tweets About Consent And The Responses Are Absolutely Hysterical.

Yeah – I don’t know what a psychonautics sex writer is either.  I’m just going off this chick’s Twitter bio.

Twitter, as you’ve probably heard Daisy say several times, is basically the 13th circle of hell.  I agree with that sentiment much of the time, although I appreciate the fast pace of of it, and also appreciate those moments where you find a whole bunch of hilarious people all in one thread.

That’s what happened this evening when I stumbled across some feminist weirdo’s tweet about consent.  Look at this, you guys.

She went on to clarify:

I rolled my eyes so hard at this ridiculous “script” of hers.  And also, what if a rando on the internet wants to sext someone?  Where’s the script?

Anyway, I scrolled through the responses and found like 17 different spirit animals who made me legit LOL.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Yeah. Suzannah – that tweet?


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