World War II Hero Receives Highest Honor From France

Glenn Pitts, a 94-year-old veteran from Jacksonville, Fla., just became a knight of the Legion of Honor.

He’s been many things in his lifetime – a laundry manager, a building contractor, a landlord, a father. Drafted at 18, he was always a hero, although he didn’t talk much about his service. A friend who rents one of his houses helped him apply for the award.

And in a ceremony on November 22, the French government acknowledged Pitts’ efforts that helped to liberate France from Nazi occupation.

Laurent Gallissot, France’s consul general in Miami, called Pitts a “true hero and a great soldier.” He also had this to say when he presented the medal:

“We know what we owe you and your brothers.”

It took about 75 years, but…better late than never.

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