Tulsi Gabbard Slams DNC for Arbitrary Poll Selection

You know how the DNC is set up to facilitate the fairest, most equal opportunity process to select the candidate that most represents the people’s interests? Of course you don’t, that’s never been the case.

We heard it over and over again last election with Bernie Sanders, but this year it’s Tusli Gabbard that’s (unsurprisingly) getting the short end of the stick with DNC operations. Based on their metrics, she’s not polling high enough in “recognized polls” to qualify for the next Democratic primary debate.

Of course, it’s not that simple. A Suffolk/Globe poll found that Gabbard is polling at 6%, putting her right on the tail of the widely recognized front-runners (Biden, Warren, Sanders, and, somehow, Buttigieg) and well within the margins to qualify for the next debate. But the DNC doesn’t recognize the Suffolk/Globe poll, which means Tulsi may not make the cut, despite making the cut.

As you can imagine, the outspoken DNC critic had a thing or two to say. In an email to supporters, Gabbard wrote,

“Again, this is another example of the DNC being arbitrary and inconsistent. New Hampsire is the first in the nation presidential primary, but the DNC has not shown its voters the respect they deserve. The Boston Globe is the largest newspaper in New Hampshire. The pollster the Globe uses is recognized by the DNC for other media outlets, there is no reason the DNC should not recognize this Boston Globe poll, other than adherence to a subjective, non-transparent process where party elites try to dictate to the primary voters.”

Unfortunately for Gabbard, the DNC’s unflinching commitment to self-service and biased decision-making could easily spell the end for her campaign. But she won’t go down without a fight, and even though she probably won’t be the nominee she just might manage to stir the pot enough to ensure more transparency and opportunity for future “fringe” candidates. Here’s hoping.

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