Happier Thanksgiving: I’m Starting A Gratitude Journal. Join Me!


My mother always says that the most important thing to have is a grateful heart. And I’ve tried to remember that lesson, believe me.

But I must admit…lately, I’ve been feeling little bit less gratitude and whole lot more attitude.

It’s not like I intended to be a brat. But feeling ungrateful can creep up on you, if you aren’t careful.

You start off grumbling about one or two real-life problems, such as worrying about the decline of society or living with several majorly disruptive health disorders or not making enough money to pay the mortgage.

Next, you begin brooding about the chasm between the life you “deserved” and the one you actually got. And pouting. A lot.

Then you find an entire like-minded posse on Facebook, and it’s all downhill from there.

You end up leaving sarcastic replies on social media and whining about slow internet speed while sipping a costly, super-complicated coffee beverage.

It’s a recipe for unhappiness. You become entitled, bitter and resentful. And, if you aren’t careful, your precious progeny might turn out to be crabby little clones.

That’s why, starting today, I’m making a commitment to keep a gratitude journal every day for one year. Because I’m always grateful for what, and who, I have in my life – but sometimes I just need reminding. My hope is that writing it down will help me learn to be more positive and to embrace thankfulness every single day.

Maybe you’re like me and could use a little spiritual overhaul. If so, please consider joining me on this focused journey.

This journal is for private contemplation. Lock it away in a drawer or stash it in a folder on your laptop. No one else needs to read it. But my guess is that if we are truly mindful as we write, we won’t be able to hide our gratitude.

Thanks for reading.

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