“My Kids Didn’t Go to Private Schools,” Says Woman Whose Kid Went to Private School

Rachel S

Elizabeth Warren, like pretty much every 2020 Democratic candidate, believes Americans should have free choice, as long as there is one choice and the choice is government. And, like pretty much every 2020 Democratic candidate, she believes that everyone should be held to said standards except for herself.

Take, for example, school choice.

Public records show that Warren’s son Alexander attended Kirby Hall, a private school in Austin that is suspiciously close to the University of Texas at Austin campus, where Warren used to teach around the same time. How fascinating– she made a choice that was a) convenient for her and b) offered a high-quality education to her child. That’s fantastic!

Except, Warren doesn’t seem to think that YOU should have the same choice. Her plan involves little more than throwing money at public schools until they’re all amazing (because that’s always worked so well in the past) and strangling charter schools until they wither and die, so that even when a public school is still terrible, you HAVE to send your kids there.

At least Liz probably has an explanation for this difference in standards of expectation though, right?

HAHAHAHA no she just lied! Again!

Warren was approached at a campaign rally by school choice activists, who (understandably) wanted to know what gives her the right. They wanted to know why she got to take advantage of school choices, but they shouldn’t. Instead, they were lied to.

Now, in fairness, her kids did attend both private and public school, so she’s not TOTALLY lying. But when your plan is to make sure that other Americans aren’t able to have the same options that you did, you’d best be able to explain why. And saying “No,” that’s not true, to someone who pointed out something that actually IS true, is a piss-poor start.

It’s also classic Warren, though, so. . . wait, why is this news?

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