Loewe Brand Apologizes For Ensemble Resembling Concentration Camp Outfit. Quite The Fashion Faux Pas.


A fancy-pants clothing brand made a fashion faux pas, prompting them to pull an outfit from their website and issue an apology.

Loewe, a luxury fashion house based in Madrid, offers items listed at higher than $5,000. They recently created a vertical-striped, button-down ensemble that looked quite a bit like pajamas. Or a concentration camp outfit from the Holocaust.

That’s what critics said, but I think they look like Beetlejuice’s jammies.

Not a fan of anything on the Loewe website, actually – I literally laughed out loud while scrolling through their commercial offerings, lemme tell ya. It just slays me how some rich folks will go out in public looking like total freaks, as long as the price tag is extravagant.

I’m fiscally deficient; but, even if I was an uptown girl, I would definitely not pay thousands of dollars to look like either a concentration camp prisoner or a Tim Burton movie cast member. Both wardrobe choices are in extremely poor taste.

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