Watch: Various ‘Journalists’ Using The Exact Same Explosive Language To Talk About The Stunning Bombshells Of The Past Week.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

We played this on our show today, because HOW COULD WE NOT.

I love how they got Eric Swalwell to provide the between-the-cut soundbreaks.  🙂

Anyway, it’s ridiculous, isn’t it?  Almost as ridiculous as this (start at the 28 second mark):

The treatment President Trump has faced since DAY ONE from the main stream media is simply inexcusable.  And the obviousness of their coordinated use of language to describe this past week’s impeachment hearings is just laughable.

I had to crack up when I read that Shep Smith whined at a speech he gave last night about the press being “villified.”  

Cry me a river, Shep.

And here’s yet another example of today’s “journalism.”

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