Unshakable President Trump Meets With Ungrateful NCAA Athletes, Responds To Reporters: “We Had A Tremendous Week With The Hoax.”


President Trump on Friday morning welcomed winning athletes to the White House as part of NCAA National Collegiate Champions Day. As an affable host, he met with 22 teams of athletes for group photos.

And, as if that wasn’t exhausting enough, he almost got told off.

Members of the Columbia University fencing team visited the White House with more than a photo session in mind. They had prepared a letter to give Trump personally which rebuked his administration’s stance on the apparently everlasting topic of gender issues.

However, their big plan fizzled like a damp squib. Secret Service blocked them from delivering that missive, according to team captain Elise Gout. Simply handing an item to the President of the United States was most likely against safety protocol (all those hours I spent watching “24” weren’t for nothing).

The athletes ended up giving a copy to the White House press team. The letter also made its way to news outlets. It read:

“The victory for which you mean to honor us today cannot be separated from the diversity that comprises our team. We as collegiate fencers have committed our athletic careers to understanding how our individual strengths, irrespective of gender, may be best leveraged for the advancement of the collective. But while ours is a victory born from values of gender equality, yours is one shadowed by continued acts of gender-based prejudice and partisanship.”

You can access the full letter, which continues ad nauseum, here.

These athletes should have felt honored to be invited to the White House. It was, after all, a reward for their athletic excellence. Instead, they wanted to use the invitation to someone else’s home as an opportunity to confront and trash the host. Nice. But at least they weren’t as obnoxious as soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who in June said in an obscene tweet that she would refuse an invitation if her team won the World Cup.

If that wasn’t bad enough, reporters covering the event weren’t really there just to…well, cover the event. How can I tell? Well, did they ask him what sports he played in school? Nope. How about his favorite sports team? Negative again.

They simply had to stray off-topic and question him about the absolute circus that’s been happening on Capitol Hill for the past two weeks.

You know the president probably wanted to tell those reporters where they could shove their microphones. He’s got to be sick and tired of the whole ridiculous thing. But did he show any annoyance at all? He did not.

“We had a tremendous week with the hoax. You know, the great hoax, they call it  the  ‘impeachment hoax.’ and that’s really worked out incredibly well and we have tremendous support…I don’t think I’ve ever seen support in the Republican Party like we do right now. We’ve never had this kind of support.”

Check out the unflappable President Trump’s remarks in this clip at about 1:15:

And did you catch this quote?

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