In Other News: Black Lab In Florida Drives Car For An Hour


So, what happens when you step out of your car (that’s still running) and close your car door behind you for a moment? Well, your dog takes off driving your car, of course!

You guys, this is downright Funny-Friday comedy. I’m a dog lover and I’ve seen labs who are pros at fetching the paper but this lab takes the cake. Thankfully, no one was hurt while Max drove in circles. Good boy, Max! Better give that dog a license!

On Thursday morning, a Florida dog named Max took a literal spin in his owner’s 2003 Mercury Sable after the unidentified man stepped out of the car and left Max inside. The dog’s paws accidentally knocked the car into reverse.

Dogs are the best, you guys.  Hero Conan would be proud. Read the full story here.

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