Conspiracy Theories Arise As 120-Year-Old Photo Of Greta Thunberg’s Doppleganger Makes An Appearance

Karen Ashley

If I remember correctly, Greta Thunberg talks about how global warming is effecting the present and the future, right?

So riddle me this…

How would it make sense for someone from 120 years ago to be preaching about the future in present day?

Unless they’re trying to say she ALSO traveled from 120 years ago, through our present day, into our future, then back again. For some reason NOW is the most effective?

What about like, further back when particular “harmful climate change” inventions were being produced? Just trying to be logically consistent…

“The photo, unearthed from archives at the University of Washington, shows three children working at a gold mine in Canada, including a girl wearing Thunberg’s signature braid and stoic expression,” reports The New York Post. “Historians believe it was taken around 1898.”

But, I must admit, the resemblance really is uncanny…

Wait, there’s more!

Everyone is free to believe what they want in regards to time travel. Relatively speaking, time travel is essentially the life we’re living now – traveling forward in time every single day – and the speed is relative to the observer’s frame of reference.

Kind of like how beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I guess.

One more point – practically everyone I know has a doppelgänger, so this really isn’t super compelling.

Also – there are some skilled photoshop fella out there!

Just sayin’.

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