Chuck Todd Compares Donald Trump To O.J. Simpson — Fun Little Simpleton Thought Exercise, Isn’t It?

Karen Ashley

The left is basically just going down a list of history’s most awful offenders and hoping one will eventually stick…

Hmmm… Okay, comparing him to Hitler didn’t work… let’s try OJ.

“On Thursday, on MSNBC’s MTP Daily,” host ChUck Todd theorized that President Trump should be compared to O.J Simpson, who was accused of murdering his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman but was acquitted despite substantial doubt among the public that he was innocent.”

Remember when Donald Trump murdered his wife? Weird, me either.

This is so incredibly a** backwards. A quid pro quo didn’t initiate an impeachment inquiry… it’s an impeachment hoping to initiate proof to fulfill it.

See, the difference is that we have transcripts of the entire call, proving there wasn’t quid pro quo… so it’s really become a matter of ‘oh, let’s inflate this issue to seem like something it’s not with big words and legal jargon, even though there isn’t any evidence to prove it, because we dislike Trump.’

Also, OJ was not found “innocent”…. Just not guilty. Very different. Within the standards of sentencing, there wasn’t enough evidence to mark him guilty.

It’s kind of a fun little simpleton thought exercise though, isn’t it?

WATCH here:

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