We’re Talking Democrat Debate Number 146,475,372!

Daisy, Co-Founder

This debate crap is NEVER gonna end, y’all.  I swear, these people play too nice with one another and all I hear is “Trump is a criminal! WAAAAH!” and “I HATE BILLIONAIRES!” and “Everything is gonna be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

And of course, “Let’s give free healthcare to illegals!”  Because Democrats.

Meanwhile, during the debate, the DNC released its financials, and it’s so freaking BAD, y’all.  $8.7 million raised, with $7 million in DEBT.  I’m not kidding you.  That is how much money they have.  A staggering one million.  That’s it.  They have DEBT…but listen, we should totes let these people have control of our money and healthcare and whatnot.

(yep….aaaaaallll sarcasm there)

Also meanwhile, the RNC? “They raised $25.3 million in October, nearly three times as much as the Democrats who raised $9 million. Furthermore the RNC has raised $194 million in 2019 so far with the DNC raising less than half of that, at $75.5 million.” And guess what?  WE HAVE ZERO DEBT.  That’s right.  ZERO.

But DO keep telling me, Dems, about how much free crap you want to give me.




Anywho, last night was no exception to the batsh*ttery, and since I’m sure a lot of you didn’t want to stay up until 11:20 pm to watch it (but we had to since it’s OUR JOB), we delightfully break it down for you in today’s Facebook Live.  You’re welcome.

Happy Thursday!

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