Protesters Berate and Block Attendees at Ann Coulter’s Berkeley Speech

Erin Evans

Ann Coulter spoke at UC-Berkeley on Wednesday night.  Her mere presence on campus brought out thousands of protesters.

I don’t take issue with the protesters per se.  I don’t agree with them, or the mentality that speakers with opposing viewpoints should be shut down, but they have the right to come out and peacefully protest.

I DO take issue when the protest interferes with the event itself.  And the protesters definitely made it difficult for attendees at Coulter’s event.

According to USA Today,

Attendees had to be escorted by police when they entered and left the building, according to the Chronicle, as demonstrators began pushing them chanting “don’t let them in.”

KPIX-TV reported that as soon as her speech began, Coulter was immediately interrupted by a woman who was handcuffed and escorted out of the hall.

I’m guessing it was this lady, who is clearly just a peach:

But it was this video, and these protesters, that really made me mad:

This poor girl is just trying to attend the event, and the protesters scream at her to “go home,” steal her ticket, and then literally laugh in her face.  This is the “tolerant” left, you guys.

I hope that girl was able to make it into the event.  I also think the university should reprimand the other students (especially the one who stole her ticket) for their behavior, but I’m not holding my breath.

Universities should be places that promote free speech and debate, places that encourage students to engage with opposing viewpoints.  Instead, they are increasingly places of ideological homogeneity where students cannot tolerate the idea that people may, authentically and in good faith, hold views and principles different than their own.  And that is a sad commentary on the state our nation.

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