John Solomon’s Ukraine Scandal Timeline That The Media Doesn’t Want You To See


If I may, allow me to start this article with a question. Remember when Obama and Holder were caught spying on James Rosen and even the Associated Press back in 2012? I do.

Those were the “good old days” before journalists started turning on their own — when if an investigative reporter was doing great work, and corrupt politicians wanted to suppress the news, all they had to do to control it was to spy on journalists.

Fast forward to 2019. Now, much of the media is compromised, and the narratives have been taken over and organized by corrupt politicians. Now, in 2019, compromised journalists suppress, and bully, and hack at ethical investigative journalists for doing their job. And poof, suddenly, quality investigative journalism is branded as “conspiracy theory” by “journalists” that Americans would expect to trust.

You’d think The New York Times has plenty of other content to cover but check out this hit-piece about Solomon that landed on their FRONT PAGE. This tells you, automatically, that Solomon must be over the target and doing something right.

I’ve been pretty harsh on journo hacks lately, but I’m honest about my opinions. If you’re in the business of journalism and you’re unable to do your job ethically — if you’ve sold your soul and if you’re too much of a coward to report the truth, resign. Get out. Run. Do something else with your life. Take it or leave it, that’s pretty much where I stand.

The fact that some media companies and hack journalists are coming down on Solomon as a conspiracy theorist should tell you everything you need to know. John Solomon is one of the few journalistic heroes that exist in America today, and I’d go as far as saying that he is one of the industry’s pioneers that will save it from itself.

Solomon has been a seasoned and respected journalist and has been one of the top reporters at The Hill, for years.  He has recently resigned from The Hill to launch his own website and media business but in only a matter of days, even The Hill recently turned on him, questioning the accuracy of his reporting on Ukraine.

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, The Epoch Times, after reviewing his Ukraine timeline and reporting on Ukraine, gave Solomon their seal of approval.

Solomon’s Ukraine timeline takes us WAY BACK to 2014, feel free to skim the events that have occurred over the past five years, here.

For weeks now, Democratic members of Congress, career State Department and National Security Council experts and their allies in the media suggest questions about Joe Biden and a Ukrainian gas company and Ukraine meddling in the 2016 election were nothing more than debunked conspiracy theories.
In reality, the facts on both these issues are clearly substantiated. And as I pointed out last week, many of the witnesses that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff called during the impeachment proceedings confirmed concerns about both.
Here is a detailed timeline of key events in the Ukraine scandal, complete with the corroborating evidence. You make your own judgment as to what happened.

Beginning February 21, 2014, President Obama named VP Joe Biden as point man on the Ukrainian crisis. Soon after, George Soros entered the scene to publish the Open Society Foundation and anti-corruption strategy (“anti-corruption”…according to Soros) for Ukraine.

Fast forward to when 2016 happened, and Hillary lost. On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the election to become 45th president of the United States, ending eight years of Democratic control of the White House.
Dec. 15, 2016: VP Biden holds phone call with Ukraine president and prime minister, praises work of NABU.
Jan. 11, 2017: Politico reports possible effort by DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa to seek Russia dirt on Trump and Manafort from Ukraine embassy in Washington during 2016 election.

….Cue the now-debunked Trump-Russia narrative (of which I’m sure the likes of CNN and NBC and friends are so proud.)

I’ve had a curious sense about Ukraine for a while — wondering if it would be Ukraine that unlocks everything on corruption — especially since their last election was similar to the US Presidential election in 2016. While I’m not a fan of Vox, they explained well, why Ukraine voted in Zelensky in the Spring of 2019 (in a whopping landslide of over 70%.) Zelensky was voted in by Ukrainians TO DEFEAT CORRUPTION. Sounds familiar, right?

The question now is what players in D.C. have had their hands in Ukrainian corruption. Time will tell, and that time may be upon us very soon — largely because of the ethical journalism conducted by Solomon.

Trust matters a lot. To that end, the choice is yours to make, but I believe the likes of John Solomon will help save the future of journalism.

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