Illinois School Opens Up It’s Locker Rooms To Trans People

M.W. Gale

A school board in Illinois has voted to allow anyone who identifies as a girl into the girl’s restroom or locker room. 

Two student reactions to the decision have been circulating on Twitter. The first, a transgender person, is excited by the news. They can now use the women’s bathroom and locker room. A girl speaks second and she feels her privacy is being invaded. 

A student identifies as a female. If said person is not allowed to use the women’s restroom, they feel their rights have been violated. 

A student is female. If people *not of the same biological gender* as her get to use the restroom where she gets naked repeatedly, she feels her rights have been violated. 

What was that quote about my liberty to swing my hand ending at your nose? Oh yeah, that’s right. TRANSPEOPLE DON’T HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN REGULARPEOPLE. 

Regardless of what you believe concerning the concept of transgender or gender identity, the rights of a louder individual should not trample the rights of a quieter one. That’s why we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. 

If you don’t want to use the restroom that corresponds to your DNA (no that isn’t a fictional concept and no you can’t change it), then use the single person, gender-neutral bathrooms. 

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